It’s going to be a big year.

AAAH it’s 2016!! I am so excited and scared about this year. So much is going to happen.

I’m going to choose a college to attend.

I’m going to graduate from high school. WHAT

Then I’m going to GO TO COLLEGE

Aaahh! Everything has been leading up to this year. Since middle school I have known the number/year ’16 to be an important one. Class of 2016! I will be starting the next stage of my life come fall. College. Wow. I am so freaking excited and so freaking scared about it, all at the same time.

Oh also I will turn 18. Yep. Very soon actually. January 15th. And here in America that means I’ll technically be an adult.

I’m going to be an ADULT

I don’t feel anywhere near ready to be an adult. But I’m excited for the independence and opportunities. I’m going to go off to college and learn a lot and meet new people (I am honestly so excited to meet new people because I am so bored with my life and my school right now). I am ready for new. But I’m sure I will miss the old once I’ve immersed myself in the new. I won’t be living with my parents. Or my brother. Or my dogs and cat and bunny! 😦 But I’m mostly excited.

This year, I am ready for change. I am ready to experience new things. I’m ready to figure out more about myself and what I like and don’t like. I’m ready to live in the real world, not the little semi-sheltered world I live in now with all the same people and things to do (or not do). I’m ready to meet new people. Try new things. Become the best version of myself.

I’m ready for a new year.


Happy New Year guys. I hope it’s a great one.



6 thoughts on “It’s going to be a big year.

  1. Oh my gosh, our birthdays are only about one week apart! 😀
    It’s interesting that you’re excited to meet new people, as that’s one of the things that terrifies me the most about college. Also, being an adult…I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that idea. (but hey, that means I can legally consume alcohol! XD)

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    1. Ooh yay! I mean, I’m also terrified about meeting new people… i’m not very good at introducing myself or making a normal first impression… but I’m ready to experience new things and I’m ready to do so by branching out from my current friend group (i mean i’ll have to, since we’ll all be at different colleges). I’m excited and terrified at the same time. Everything’s going to change. Oooh you get to drink, that’s so exciting! I don’t get to until I’m 21 (unless I move to a state with a lower drinking age), as I live in the US. I’m excited for you though! Have fun and be safe 😝 Happy almost birthday! Is yours a week earlier or later than mine?


      1. Eh, US laws are strange 😛 . I’ve heard of various legal drinking age, including 16, 18, 20, and now 21!

        I guess everyone is kind of terrified, but things will work out eventually. (well they usually do…) I’m trying not to scare myself off. XD

        It’s about a week earlier–the 6th, to be precise. Happy early birthday to you too! 🙂

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