Update! Fun things

Hello, all!

I have completely neglected the blogosphere the past couple years or so. I’ve just been busy with life, I guess? Or directing my writing focuses in other directions. Anyways.

I just wanted to pop by and let any of you who happen to see this know that I am now writing for this online teen magazine, Affinity! (Even though I’m just about 20 and probably one of the oldest writers on there… But that’s okay! They accepted me to be a contributing writer, knowing my age, and I still have relevant thoughts and views on life pertaining to teen lives.)

So I thought I’d put a link to the website, here (I guess to my bio page(s) where you can see the pieces I’ve written so far if you want to read them). There are two parts of the site, the social justice (main) site and the Arts + Culture site.




So yeah, please check them out if you are so inclined! Not sure if I’ll come back on here or not, as I will be spending my time writing for Affinity and living in London (!) this semester.

Thanks for reading, friends!


(AKA Zoe)


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